What Type of Pipe to Use for In-Ground Sprinkler Systems

February 13, 2019 - "Blog"



When it comes to sprinkler systems, getting the right piping is key. However, it can be difficult to determine the best pipe to support your system. Polyethylene and PVC are two types of pipe that are frequently used in sprinkler and irrigation systems. It is important to understand the differences between the two so that you can get the best results from your sprinkler system. Below, you can find information to help you determine the best type of pipe for sprinkler systems.



Polyethylene is the ideal choice for those environments that require flexible tube. Rocky soil or cold climates where the soil will likely freeze are where this type of tube works best. Due to their high pressure ratings, this type of tubing is becoming more commonly used in home sprinkler systems than ever before. It has the added benefit of never cracking due to frozen water as well.
The rating system for polyethylene is based on PSI which is the working pressure a tube can handle. This leads to different poly tubes being assigned a number based on SDR ratios. The lower the number, the stronger the tube. The industry standard poly tube is 80 SDR but you can choose between 80, 100, 160, 200, and 250 PSI based on your needs.


This type of pipe is available in schedule 40 and schedule 80, which helps to determine the strength and color of the PVC pipe. Schedule 40 is standard strength and typically white in color. Schedule 80 is usually stronger and gray in color. Strength will play a large factor in determining the schedule that you choose. Normally, schedule 40 can be trusted to handle home applications and can withstand an impressive amount of pressure. It is also the cheaper of the two. However, if you are looking for industrial strength, schedule 80 is your best bet.
Remember that PVC pipe will also need PVC fittings to hold the piping together. When buying PVC pipe always check to determine the schedule and the threading to ensure that you will be able to find the correct, corresponding fittings.
Temperature also plays a large role in deciding if PVC is the pipe you need. This type works best in warm winter climates. UV rays do impact PVC pipes, though, and so they should be protected from sunlight. If they are not properly shielded, this will lead to problems that could impact your entire sprinkler system.

Best Type of Pipe for Sprinkler Systems

The climate you are in may determine the type of pipe you choose to use. The success of each type is determined largely by its outdoor conditions. When deciding which type would be best for you, consider our selection of schedule 40 and 80 PVC pipe, which work well in warm winter climates. The environment plays a big part as well. Polyethylene is the best bet for special situations in areas where sprinkler and irrigation systems require flexibility. Both types of pipe are durable and can withstand many elements in the environments where they excel.
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