Polyurethane Sprockets Replace Plastic in High Speed Assembly Line

August 22, 2013 - "Press Releases"

American Urethane has just completed a production run of 320 polyurethane star wheels for one of the largest olive oil manufacturers in the world.

Polyurethane star wheels developed by American Urethane solved a major production problem for the olive oil manufacturer.  In the high speed production line bottles are conveyed in a synchronous movement assembly line for filling. The high speed indexing creates dynamic loads and contact that damages bottles leading to broken glass and olive oil spillage. Production must be stopped for clearing damaged bottles and spilled product; a time consuming task causing lost revenue.

American Urethane worked with the client to develop custom polyurethane star wheels with aluminum hubs to exactly fit existing production machinery. The new star wheels now rapidly move bottles of product without damage or spillage. In four weeks of testing the client reported no damage to bottles from the new star wheels.

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American Urethane creates polyurethane star wheels for many types of high speed production lines. These include beer bottles and cans, cigarettes, feminine products and test tubes for the health care industry.  All of these polyurethane components are custom designed to exacting standards for both short and long term product runs. Each client project always begins with rapidly built prototypes created at low cost for evaluation and testing.


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