Wisconsin Oven Conveyor Oven Increases Production Rate for Curing Coating on Maple Syrup Bottles

October 25, 2019 - "Company News"



Wisconsin Oven is pleased to announce the shipment of one (1) Electrically Heated Two Zone Bottom Flow Conveyor Oven to the consumer goods industry. This belt conveyor oven will be used to cure a latex barrier coating onto maple syrup bottles.

The maximum operating temperature of the curing conveyor oven is 150° F and the work chamber dimensions are 9'7" wide x 42'0" long x 1'0" high. The oven is designed for a production rate of 3,200 bottles per hour. The conveyor system is a continuous belt style including load/unload extensions and utilizes an Allen Bradley variable frequency drive for speed adjustments.

“This curing conveyer oven is designed with bottom-up airflow to deliver the airflow vertically up through the part load. A variable frequency drive was also included in the design to provide the customer with the flexibility to adjust the belt speed based on their processing needs.” Tom Trueman, Senior Applications Engineer

Unique features of this industrial conveyor oven include:

  • Bottom-up airflow
  • Continuous stainless steel flat wire belt
  • Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 525 variable frequency AC drive
  • Digital Eurotherm 3204 programmable temperature controller
  • Digital Watlow PM6L oven high limit controller
  • Sufficient capability to cure 3,200 bottles per hour

This conveyor oven was fully factory tested and adjusted prior to shipment from our facility. All safety interlocks were checked for proper operation and the equipment was operated at the normal and maximum operating temperatures. An extensive quality assurance check list was completed to ensure the equipment met all Wisconsin Oven quality standards. This equipment is backed by Wisconsin Oven’s Exclusive and Unprecedented 3-Year WOW™ warranty (parts only).   


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