Pegasus Glass offers Borofloat for applications requiring excellent optics

January 06, 2016 - "Press Releases"

Pegasus Glass manufactures and distributes a variety of specialty glass tubing and rod. The company works with several leading brand materials, including Simax, SVL, Pyrex, Supremax and Borofloat. Borofloat is a versatile floated borosilicate glass with outstanding properties. As a result, it is used in a practically unlimited number of applications.

Excellent optics and low density

Borofloat 33 is a high-quality glass that offers a number of excellent properties. For instance, it is a homogenous material with a flat, mirror-like surface and outstanding optical quality. It is clear, transparent and colourless. Borofloat is ideal for applications in optics and photonics, as it offers excellent transmission and very weak fluorescence intensities.

Borofloat from Pegasus Glass

Another benefit of Borofloat is that it's lightweight. The material has a lower density than soda lime float glass, at 2.2 g/cm3 at 25 degrees C. This characteristic enables Borofloat to be used in lightweight laminated glass systems, such as bulletproof glass.

Resistance to heat and chemicals

Borofloat also offers low thermal expansion, high resistance to thermal shock, and the ability to handle temperatures of up to 450 degrees C for long periods of time. These characteristics make the material a smart choice for applications that demand temperature stability, such as over plates for high power floodlights, or internal panels in self-cleaning ovens.

In addition, the material offers excellent chemical resistance. It is highly resistant to strong acids, alkalis and organics. As a result, the material is often used in the chemical industry, in applications such as sight glass for reaction vessels.  

More details

The applications for Borofloat continue to grow with the emergence of new, technically advanced glass applications, including photovoltaics, biotechnology and microelectronics. Borofloat is manufactured by Schott Technical Glass Solutions.

For more information on Borofloat and the other available materials, contact Pegasus Glass.





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