Eriez Appoints Executive VP of Global Strategy & Development

March 27, 2015 - "Company News"

Eriez president and CEO Tim Shuttleworth announces the appointment of Lukas Guenthardt as executive vice president of global strategy & development.

Guenthardt recently joined Eriez in anticipation of Andy Lewis’ retirement from the role of vice president-international on April 10, 2015, according to Shuttleworth. Lewis will continue on as chairman of the board for Eriez-Europe.

“Lukas has many years of business management experience with large and respected industrial companies,” says Shuttleworth. “We are pleased that he will now apply his global skills and expertise to help Eriez maintain and expand its worldwide leadership position across the diverse industries we serve.”

As executive vice president of global strategy & development, Guenthardt’s responsibilities will include developing and implementing business operations systems that strengthen Eriez’ drive toward a more integrated global company, with an emphasis on accelerating the company’s business development initiatives in new and existing markets.

“Lukas’ transition into this role has involved working in parallel with Andy Lewis in the business supervision of international magnetic subsidiaries,” said Shuttleworth. “He has also assisted Mike Mankosa, executive vice president-global technology, with the management of the flotation business.”

Effective in March, Guenthardt assumed full responsibility for the business operations of all Eriez’ foreign magnetic and flotation businesses, which now report directly to him. In his new role, Guenthardt will work in close partnership with Mike Mankosa in the performance of his responsibilities and will report directly to Shuttleworth.



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