Nol-Tec Systems Launches Newly Reconstructed Website

March 05, 2013 - "Press Releases"

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LINO LAKES, MN – March, 1, 2013 – Nol-Tec Systems has launched a renewed website at A complete redesign and restructure has taken place, giving the site a brand new look, navigation scheme, and usefulness. The site presents a much more visual look that is user friendly, maximizes the SEO for Nol-Tec and our products, uses a content management system, allows search bar access, and provides the ease of future growth.

The new site will allow for maximizing SEO for Nol-Tec when potential customers search for products through internet search engines. Certain product pages within the Nol-Tec site will show up in search results to better cater to the search that is conducted. This allows for the visitor to spend less time searching and more time learning about products.

A content management system has also been put in place to easily make changes, update, add pages, and change content throughout our site. This ensures that the content is always correct and up to date. Customers now also have the ability to purchase spare parts online using a safe connection.

Also, a new addition it the search box that is found at the top right on the site. Having this allows visitors that land on our homepage to quickly find what they are looking for without having to look through the full contents of each page.

These changes have been great so far and they are really just the beginning for Nol-Tec. The right tools have been put into place to ensure our website stays current and relevant to visitors.

For more information about the new website or Nol-Tec, please visit the Nol-Tec Systems Website.

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