New GF135 PTI Mass Flow Controller Revolutionizes Advanced Process Control for Semiconductor Manufacturers

April 25, 2013 - "Press Releases"

HATFIELD, Pa. (March 27, 2012) – Brooks Instrument has released the GF130, a revolutionary pressure transient insensitive (PTI) mass flow controller for semiconductor manufacturing. It improved yield and uptime with real-time integral rate-of decay flow measurement and advanced diagnostic capabilities that verify accuracy, check valve leak-by and monitor sensor drift without stopping production of wafers.

Alone in its class of mass flow controllers, the GF135 features “smarter” functionality with advanced zero drift and valve leak-by diagnostics. Onboard diagnostic logging, zero stability trending and correction, and early detection of valve corrosion or clogging allow semiconductor manufacturers to achieve tighter tolerances and maintain uniformity in etch profiles and critical dimensions. The combination of these features allows the GF135 to deliver exceptional accuracy and cost savings to semiconductor companies.

The GF135 provides market-leading process gas accuracy and ultra-fast flow settling time for reduced process cycle times. The device uses Brooks’ patent-pending real-time rate-of-decay flow error detection technology to continually test for changes in the device’s performance. Data can be used to improve accuracy at critical low-flow set points, set up alarm limits for critical performance parameters and monitor trends for predictive maintenance. These diagnostics help identify and correct issues before they occur, preventing downtime and wasted wafers.

For more information about Brooks Instrument’s GF135, visit the Brooks Instruments website.

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