Lindberg/MPH Announces Exclusive Three-Year Warranty on New Equipment Purchases

October 15, 2015 - "Press Releases"

Lindberg/MPH, a leading manufacturer of melting and holding furnaces for non-ferrous alloys and standard and custom industrial heat-treating furnaces for both ferrous and non-ferrous markets, today announced it has begun offering a three-year warranty on all new equipment purchases.

This exclusive warranty covers all materials for all components (with the exception of wear items), including, but not limited to:  recirculation, exhaust, and combustion blowers; burner, burner controls, and all gas train components; temperature controllers; high-limit instruments and recorders; programmable logic controllers and human machine interface touch screens and related components; disconnect switches; power distribution blocks; terminal blocks; transformers; fuse blocks; selector switches and push buttons; pilot and beacon light assemblies; process and purge timers; solid state relays and silicon controlled rectifiers; contactors; relays; alarm horns; pressure switches; limit switches; vent fans; power supplies; variable frequency drives; etc. as applicable to the Lindberg/MPH equipment listed in the company’s quote to the customer. The warranty also includes labor for any defects in workmanship.

“At Lindberg/MPH, we stand by the quality and dependability of our equipment,” said Steve Kempowski, Vice President of Operations. “Lindberg/MPH is proud to offer the longest warranty in the industry on new equipment purchases.”

Lindberg/MPH is based in Riverside, Mich., and is a division of Thermal Product Solutions, a global manufacturer of Industrial Ovens and Environmental Chambers. All equipment is designed and undergoes final assembly in the US. The company provides technical and equipment support worldwide. For more information, visit




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