Water Jet Cutting: The Applications and Their Advantages

July 17, 2014 - "Industry Insight"

For the last few decades, water jet technology has become more and more prevalent in the construction industry. More manufacturers are beginning to see the applications and advantages of water cutting and are implementing the tactic to improve their processes. Water cutting has a plethora more advantages than other conventional tooling. 

One of the many advantages is that the water cutting process generates a minimal amount of dust. The water carries away the kerf material along with the abrasive particles that are used in the process. Sharpening ceases to exist with this product. There is no direct contact between the machine and the material that the machine cuts.

Another advantage is that there is no heat created during cutting. In other cutting methods, this can cause damage to the surrounding areas that are cut. Accuracy is the biggest advantage with no heat created. Time and money are added in addition to the quality of the cut. But with this process, it is essential that the company has highly trained professionals operating. This will ensure the best performance at the lowest cost. One small disadvantage to this process is that the machines themselves are expensive to purchase. But this process can sale a lot of time and money in the long haul.

This emerging technology is becoming more desired because of the increase in construction environments and due to the applications and advantages of the product. An example of the ease of this product is concrete deck removal. Water jets are used here because they are able to remove damaged concrete without hurting the non damaged concrete or cause harm. We are also seeing this kind of cutting in rivet removal. 

Pneumatic tools are heavy and cause fatigue of the operator, but water jet machines are easier to maneuver in small spaces. Typically, this works best for rivets with thickness that is less than two inches. Looking pass rivet removal and concrete removal, there are even more applications where this technology can be used. Water jet machining is becoming more ideal because of the wide scope of advantages that the technology carries.

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