Georgia Company Launches New Ball Screw Repair Services

October 05, 2016 - "Press Releases"

Superior Ball Screw Repair, LLC in Ringgold, Georgia, has announced a new kind of service. The company provides ball screw repair for industries in and around their service area, as well as those throughout the nation.

A representative from Superior Ball Screw Repair says, "We always stress to our customers that ball screws used in the industrial market are a much better quality than lead screws and for many reasons. Our aim is to offer fast and efficient ball screw repair, to keep your business running as it should."

The representative states that the company is now offering a standard five day repair service for ball screws that have a length of up to 10 feet, with a diameter of up to three inches. He states that the company will completely rebuild within five business days.

"Of course, there are exceptions to every rule," says the company representative. "We recommend that businesses visit our website to get a complete overview of what we can do and of any exceptions."

The company is also providing a two-day expedited service to customers when they cannot handle an entire week of downtime. He says that with this faster service, ball screws will be put through the same repair process as those with the five day service, and that no corners are cut or steps skipped to ensure faster delivery. He states that customers choosing this faster time are simply given priority and put ahead of others in order to meet the two day deadline.

The company states that they evaluate the screw and will fax or email a quote which includes the ship date and price for a more effective process. The company representative states that their goal is to help industrial clients avoid losing valuable time that could cost them money.

Superior Ball Screw Repair, LLC offers a warranty on all services provided, aside from their re-ball only repairs which the representative states do not fall under the one year warranty. He says that those interested can visit the company's official website to get a better understanding of the process and contact the company with any questions.

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