Del-Tron Precision Implements Online Catalog Data Solutions

January 31, 2013 - "Press Releases"

San Jose, CA, June 26, 2012- Del-Tron Precision, Inc. has implemented the new CDS

(Catalog Data Solutions) on its new website.

Del-Tron Precision, Inc. is a well-known manufacturer of anti-friction linear bearings

and offers some of the widest product ranges in the industry. In a nod to the changing

world of manufacturing, the company has implemented the new ordering system on its

website. Using the CDS system makes it easier to find the right products for each task

and significantly cuts down on the time it takes to order from Del-Tron.

One of the biggest advantages with this new system is that customers can download CAD

models of products to quickly identify the right parts for purchase. This new system is

one of the most effective at bringing in additional sales for Del-Tron.

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