Custom Blow Molded Ice Packs for YETI Coolers

October 10, 2016 - "Press Releases"

R&D Molders Custom Blow Molded Ice Packs

This project encompassed R&D Molders, Inc. key business units – blow molding, injection molding, tooling, and secondary services/automation. The part shown here is an ice pack used to keep ice colder, longer.

The Blow Molded Enclosure runs on a new Bekum 155 with custom engineered servo In-Mold Labeling system. From there the parts go through a series of quality control and automation systems to finish the assembly. After the molding, the parts are de-flashed, and then placed on the automatic conveyor system with custom designed pallets to hold the parts through the process. The next step is a 100% leak check system followed by a 100% vision system using 5 cameras. The vision system inspects for black specks and also inspects for proper IML alignment. Following the vision system is a custom designed robot arm flame station which picks the parts out of the pallet and runs them through a flamer to soften any sharp edges on the parting line. This robot will also divert any parts that have been rejected at either the leak test or vision test areas. Next on the line is a multi head filling machine which is used to fill the Enclosure with the PCM liquid (phase change material). Continuing down the line is a robotic pick and place system and bowl feeder to place injection molded Plugs into the necks of the Enclosure followed by a Spin Welding machine to seal the necks. Once the parts are filled and sealed, it passes through a “car wash” type system which removes the debris generated from the spin welding process. At this point the parts get 2 pressure sensitive labels applied then injection molded Snap Cap to hide the Plug, and finally are packaged in custom printed retail trays and master boxes and ship to distribution.

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