Commercial Gear Acquires Latest ITW Measuring Instruments

August 10, 2017 - "Press Releases"

Commercial Gear Acquires New Inspection Equipment

Commercial Gear is excited to announce that we’ve recently acquired the latest revision ITW Measuring Instruments. This inspection equipment allows us to inspect your gear with increased precision and depth. In addition, it supports our inspection system, which is based on the proven success of quality control manual based on I.S.O. 9002 &  A.G.M.A.'s Inspection manual 2000-A88 system.

We've added these instruments to our already excellent stock of test and measurement instruments, for more accurate inspection of gear tooth components such as profile, lead & composite (Composite includes, tooth to tooth error & runout). Equipment from ITW is known for benefiting customers in demanding and highly regulated environments. Our ITW inspection equipment allows us to catch and correct things like profile deviations, lead deviations, pitch variations, radial run out and all sorts of other gear tooth imperfections that can compromise the performance of your gears.

By investing in our value-adding ITW inspection equipment, we are able to provide our customers with unmatched quality. Remember, we don’t just make gears; we also accept problem gears for inspection and correction. Whether we are making you something new or we are fixing the problem you are having with your existing gear supplier, we will never let anything out the door before thoroughly testing it with our state of the art testing equipment. You will receive neither better service nor better machining and gear manufacturing from our competitors.

Give us a call or send us an email to learn more about our inspection equipment and services!

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