Blue M Announces New, Two-Year Warranty on Most Products Shipped within the US

November 04, 2015 - "Press Releases"

Blue M, an industry leader in the design, engineering, manufacture and after-market support of industrial lab ovens, and light-industrial furnaces, today announced it has extended its warranty from one year to two on most parts and labor for the majority of its products shipped within the United States.

The new, two-year warranty covers the company’s:

•    146 Series ASTM Testing Mechanical Convection Ovens
•    146 Series Clean Room Mechanical Convection Ovens
•    146 Series Inert Gas Mechanical Convection Ovens
•    146 Series Standard Mechanical Convection Ovens
•    Batch Inert Gas Ovens
•    Batch Ovens
•    Burn-In Ovens
•    Class A Batch Ovens
•    CSP Safety Ovens
•    ESP 400 Series Mechanical Convection Ovens
•    Friction-Aire® Safety Ovens
•    Stacked Ovens

The enhanced warranty does not apply to fan motors and does not cover Blue M’s CEO Series Steady State Food & Drug Stability Test Chambers, Ultra-Temp Standard Convection Ovens, Custom Lab Equipment, and Full Range Programmable Chambers, all of which will continue to be covered under the company’s standard, one-year warranty for parts and labor; or Blue M Laboratory Ovens and Gravity Ovens, which carry a one-year, parts-only warranty.

The extended warranty covers a period of two years from the date of shipment and does not apply to labor to replace a part in a product located outside the US; any service TPS has performed outside the US; any loss or damage resulting from normal wear and tear; any alteration, misuse or abuse; or improper installation, operation or maintenance by the purchaser or a third party.

Known for their rugged reliability, value pricing, and use in a wide range of applications, Blue M brand ovens, chambers and furnaces are available in standard or custom configurations and include Class 100, clean-room, inert-gas, Class A/solvent-venting/explosion proof (XP), ASTM-testing, annealing, curing, drying, gravity, and batch ovens; lab, crucible, tube, and chamber-box furnaces; and battery-test, steady-state, stability and shelf-life test chambers and rooms.

Blue M products are available in bench top, stacked, and cabinet models to accommodate a variety of capabilities and footprints.
Blue M is based in New Columbia, Pennsylvania and is a division of Thermal Product Solutions, a global manufacturer of Industrial Ovens and Environmental Chambers. All equipment is designed and undergoes final assembly in the US. The company provides technical and equipment support worldwide. 

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