BEPeterson, Inc. Manufactures Water Cistern Vessels for JC Cannistraro

September 26, 2016 - "Press Releases"

BEPeterson is pleased to announce the shipment of three Water Cistern Tanks for JC Cansitraro, Watertown, MA. This was a project for 100 Binney St Cambridge, MA
BEPeterson Supplies Custom Water Cistern Vessels
-2000 gal Toilet Flush Tank - 60"ID x 15'OAL x 72"H CS
-4000 gal Irrigation Tank Right - 60"ID x 28.5'OAL x 72"H CS
-4000 gal Irrigation Tank Left - 60"ID x 28.5'OAL x 72"H CS
The tanks were all fabricated from carbon steel designed to 20 PSI @ 150 Deg F. The design was to ASME, Section VIII, Div 1 code standards for safety factors. Code stamping was not required. The tanks were coated on the exterior with a two-part epoxy paint.


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