1300°F Car Bottom Oven Used for Annealing Steel

August 16, 2018 - "Press Releases"

Car Bottom Oven
Have a need for a custom oven? Look no further, LEWCO has you covered! LEWCO is capable of designing and manufacturing industrial ovens to meet unique, customer-specific application requirements. Recently, LEWCO sold a custom car bottom oven to an industrial manufacturer. The electrically heated oven, which is rated for a maximum temperature of 1,300°F., is used for annealing steel parts.
The enhanced-duty oven, which features a workspace of 72”W x 140”D x 90”H, is manufactured and designed to NFPA 86 “Class B” standards. The oven is supplied with a rear mounted heater-box with 324kW heat input and a 38,000 CFM high-efficiency circulation fan delivering dual airflow evenly throughout the workspace.
A heavy duty powered car serves as both the floor and door of the oven. The car bottom design guarantees a tight overall seal keeping the oven exterior cool and minimizes heat loss. The parts are loaded onto the car and transferred into the oven on a rail track. Once the parts are in the oven, the process begins with a ramp/ soak recipe increasing the temperature from ambient to 1150°F. When this concludes, the cooling cycle begins, taking the temperature from 1150°F back down to ambient. Fresh air dampers and a 1,500 CFM variable speed exhaust fan are included on the oven to control the cooling cycle. For safety, the customer requested a few items be equipped on the oven including a horn to signal the car moving and a green stack light to indicate the oven is in process.
Controls include a Eurotherm Nanodac temperature controller/ recorder, along with a Eurotherm Mini 8 Loop Controller. A Pro-Face touchscreen HMI is included to allow the customer to easily control all oven operations from one convenient interface. Control functions include the ability to create, edit, and save multiple recipes, control oven operations, check oven status, and also monitor, record, and retrieve process data.
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