Thermal Care Unveils the Latest Ice Rink Chiller Technology

January 19, 2022 - "New Product Release"

Thermal Care Unveils the Latest Ice Rink Chiller Technology


                 NILES, Ill., January 17, 2022 – Thermal Care, a leading manufacturer of process cooling equipment, has announced the commercial launch of a new chiller, the Accuchiller TCFW375. Specifically designed for ice rink applications, the TCFW375 combines the efficiencies of both a hybrid film evaporator along with the Turbocor TTH375 high lift variable speed centrifugal compressor. These proven technologies provide tight temperature tolerance, the ability to adjust for a varying load and optimal full and part load efficiencies, all while significantly reducing energy consumption. 

                “Thermal Care worked closely with compressor manufacturer Danfoss to provide a high lift centrifugal compressor that will, for the first time, produce 10°F fluid temperatures.  This feature, coupled with a hybrid film evaporator designed to minimize the required refrigerant charge as compared to a flooded evaporator, makes for one of the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient central chillers ever built,” according to Chris Garich, Product Manager at Thermal Care. Garich added, “The chiller uses Opteon™ R513A refrigerant, which is a Class A1, non-toxic, non-flammable refrigerant solution with a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP).” “Chiller plants using A1 refrigerants are also simpler to maintain than chiller plants using other refrigerants,” said Garich, “and Opteon is also recognized as the official refrigerant solution of the NHL®. “

                Along with the specially designed hybrid film evaporator, the TTH375 variable speed centrifugal compressor is ideal for ice rink applications. It is specifically designed for high lift performance and allows operation at a 10°F set point when the chiller is in ice building mode. 

                In a unique solution for ice rink chiller plants, Thermal Care’s parallel chiller approach greatly reduces the risk of ever losing a sheet of ice, while simplifying the logistics of chiller maintenance.   The TCFW375’s 50 ton capacity allows for sufficient cooling to maintain a sheet of ice at 15°F.   Typically, ice rinks require 80 to 90 tons of chiller capacity to build ice, so two chillers may be used in parallel to share the part load and maximize efficiency.  Once the ice is built and much less cooling is required, the chillers go into ice maintenance mode at 15°F. The compressors will now drastically reduce energy consumption by further decreasing their speed. Additionally, the compressors produce significantly less noise than traditional compressor technology allowing for normal volume conversations in the chiller plant/mechanical room. 

                The Accuchiller also features Thermal Care’s advanced PLC system to control, monitor and maintain stable and reliable operation. The standard 7-inch full color touch screen is fully capable of IIoT 4.0 with a variety of communication protocols that can be used in conjunction with high level building automation systems.  The chiller can be seamlessly incorporated into the building automation design to control the entire facility and achieve net-zero design goals.

                Accuchiller TCFW375 central chillers provide low energy consumption, all while minimizing the environmental impact, which are key factors in running a successful ice rink. The compact modular system design allows for system expansion to over 300 tons using up to six chillers.

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                Founded in 1969, Thermal Care is a developer of leading-edge process cooling technology with energy- saving and cost-efficient product designs. The company provides heat transfer equipment to more than 50 industries and specializes in meeting the specific needs of all customers by offering both standard and custom designed industrial process cooling solutions. Thermal Care’s broad product line includes portable and central chillers, cooling towers, pump tanks, and temperature controllers. The company also delivers extensive experience and engineering knowledge to develop and execute plant-wide cooling solutions.


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