For Integrated Electronics, Reduced Noise Interference, and Longer Cable Runs, Strainsert offers Two Load Pin Optional Features: The Analog 4-20 mA Strain Gage Module and the DSC (DCell) Digital Strain Gage Module Load Pins

March 17, 2021 - "New Product Release"

Strainsert, a premier manufacturer of standard and custom force sensors for research, testing, weighing and  control applications in a wide range of industries, is offering two load pin optional feature products for accurate,  efficient and fast force readings in noisy environments that have long cable runs. 
Conshohocken, PA March 3rd, 2021– Strainsert now offers two load pin optional features: One, the Analog 4-20 mA Strain Gage Module and two, the DSC (DCell) Digital Strain Gage Module; both of which are mounted inside  a Strainsert force sensor in either a single bridge, dual bridge or biaxial configuration.
The major advantages include: 
  • Eliminates the need for external signal conditioner and interconnections
  • Ideal for both single and multiple sensor systems
  • Miniature package that fits within Strainsert force sensor body
  • Targeted for sensor applications which require transmission over long  distances
  • Optimal for applications in the Aerospace, Marine, Industrial Weighing and Automotive industries
Strain Gauge Module
The Analog 4-20 mA Strain Gage Module converts bridge sensor output into a 4-20 mA current loop. It can be powered by a standard DC power supply (7.5  to 36VDC) and is measured by remote instrumentation. Outputs can be configured for either UniPolar or Bi-Polar operation. 
Digital Strain Gauge Module
The DSC (DCell) Digital Strain Gage Module offers up to 500 readings/second. It converts a bridge sensor output into a digital signal and 
communicates using standard or custom bus protocols. Outputs include RS485 and CAN. Protocols include ASCII, CAN and Modbus. Software tools are also included for interfacing with device configuration, calibration, datalogging and recording. 
As Tim Foley, President of Strainsert, states, "The optional features for load pins provide additional capability, flexibility and support for our customers.”


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