American Crane & Equipment Corporation Reveals Its Newest Product: The Norheim Hoist

April 05, 2017 - "New Product Release"

Introducing The Norheim Hoist by American Crane & Equipment

In 1960, a young engineer left his home in the town of Lygra, Norway, to begin a journey that would ultimately lead him to the United States in search of the American Dream. This new engineer brought along with him a quest for knowledge and an entrepreneurial spirit. Now, as American Crane & Equipment Corporation’s President and CEO, Oddvar Norheim channels his passion for innovation and excellence into each and every product that American Crane creates. Through Norheim’s qualities of persistence and hard work, his company has become a leader for overhead lifting solutions.

American Crane & Equipment Corporation’s newest product line, the Norheim Hoist Line, has evolved from years of engineering, culminating a high quality, easily configurable design that utilizes readily available commercial components. The Norheim Hoist can be adapted to meet customer requirements. The hoist has unmatched reliability, ruggedness and cost effective operations. The robust design of the Norheim Hoist makes it useful for a wide variety of applications and industries.

The Norheim Hoist is available with capacities ranging up to 160 tons. Engineered for safety, reliability and flexibility, the Norheim Hoist can be utilized for foot mounted, monorail, or double rail applications.


Designed for Optimal Productivity:

The standard control configuration for the Norheim Hoist is an inverter drive, in conjunction with a compatible motor. The hoist’s inverter offers optimum utilization of the motor’s output and allows very precise positioning of the load. For increased productivity, the hoist includes features that allow the lifting speed to increase for loads that weigh up to 30% of the rated load capacity. Two speed hoists and trolley controls are also available up to 20 horsepower, utilizing standard magnetic contactor controls.


Backed by Industry Experience:

American Crane & Equipment Corporation has been a manufacturer of overhead electric cranes and hoists for over 45 years, and is recognized as a lead in providing quality equipment. American Crane’s driving factor for developing the Norheim Hoist was the understanding of what it means to meet their customers’ needs. The hoist is a result of extensive industry expertise providing customers with the best quality that is backed by technical know-how.


The Norheim Hoist Line meets the requirements for:

- Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA) Spec # 70

- Hoist Manufacturers Institute (HMI) Class H-4 Hoists


Duty Class Ratings in accordance with CMAA:

- CMAA Class D Duty up to 60 Ton Capacity

- CMAA Class A & B from 70 to 160 Ton Capacity

- For CMAA Class E & F and Custom Designs, Consult Factory


American Crane & Equipment Corporation is a privately held U.S. company and a leader in overhead lifting equipment. For over four decades, the company has been manufacturing high quality specialty lifting equipment for unique applications.

To learn more about American Crane’s Norheim Hoist Line as well as other equipment, services and distributed products please download the Norheim Hoist Equipment Guide on our website or call 1-877-877-6778, Ext. 224.








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