Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems Offers New American-Made Dry Screw Vacuum Pump

June 05, 2013 - "Innovation "

April 8, 2011; Springfield, Mo.—Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems introduces the new vertical flow dry screw vacuum pump. The KDS425 was designed and manufactured in the U.S. and is currently available for a variety of process and industrial applications.

The new KINNEY® brand pump is made with the latest technology and provides several benefits to End-users and OEMs alike:

  • Vertical cantilever design keeps process condensable from collecting in the pump process chamber
  • Process seal design with gas purge eliminates process chemical migration to atmosphere
  • High nickel content rotor construction is inherently corrosion resistant
  • The absence of external seals ends leaky driveshaft mess
  • Variable pitch offers better efficiency compared to straight pitch designs
  • Dry running operation stops pump oil contamination
  • Thermostatic temperature control automatically adjusts for wide variations in heat load
  • Relatively high internal pump temperatures keep vapor loads from condensing in the pump
  • Standard NEMA or IEC frame motors are easily adapted for practically any application
  • Process components are easy to service and clean without disturbing the utility connections
  • Optional Xylan/Nitrocoat coatings ensure pump longevity in corrosive environments
  • Rotors can be replaced without the need of replacing or moving the entire machine
  • The cogged belt drive provides quiet, no slip or stretch operation
  • All components are made in America, ensuring prompt service and parts availability

“Based on the findings of an extensive Voice of the Customer process, we learned exactly what the market and segments within the markets really wanted in a dry vacuum pump,” said Dave Reader, lean product development manager at Tuthill. “Customers told us loud and clear there were definite advantages they liked about dry vacuum pumps versus wet vacuum, especially the benefits as to operations and environmental impacts. But there were drawbacks inherent to various dry pump configurations. The new KDS series is the result of combining customer feedback and 100 years of vacuum manufacturing and application experience,” Reader said.

He continued, saying, “The KDS425 was featured in our booth at Interphex 2011 and received a lot of attention from the pharmaceutical and chemical attendees. The higher ease of serviceability resulting in lower downtime was well received…and they really liked the fact that it’s made in the USA.”

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Customers can expect shortened batch times and faster pump-down times with the KDS425. Due to the top down vertical flow design, gravity aids the continuous movement of condensate and particulate, which isolates it from the rotor chamber. The machine does not have to be moved as the rotors are accessible with hand tools if process upset occurs. Cleaning and maintenance are easier than ever, no longer requiring factory assistance.

To order the KDS425 or for more information about this product and others by Tuthill, call or visit their website today.




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