Volkmann PowTReX Automatically Prevents Hazmat Exposure

December 16, 2022 - "Industry Insight"

Sealed Metal Powder Transfer System Contains Toxic Materials to Eliminate Safety Risk


Volkmann PowTReX Automatically Prevents Hazmat Exposure


Metal Powder


Bristol, PA: The PowTReX metal powder transfer system from 3D printing equipment manufacturer Volkmann USA, Bristol, PA (https://www.volkmannusa.com), automatically transfers metal powders from storage to printers within a fully enclosed conveying system to eliminate the potential for dangerous contact between workers and toxic materials. Featuring patented pneumatic vacuum conveying technology, the PowTReX system safely loads virgin material into one or more printers at the press of a button and recovers unused material without risk of spillage or the release of airborne particulates into the workplace. The automated powder handling system also eliminates the use of forklifts to transfer heavy containers to the printer and the manual removal of overspill after printing.


Often specified by 3D printer manufacturers as original equipment, the PowTReX system is explosion-proof by design and earned the ATEX certification as suitable for use in hazardous environments without concern for ignitable powders or combustible dust explosions, in both inert and non-inert conditions. By containing the metal powders inside a sealed conveyor, the PowTReX system may eliminate the need for workers to wear gloves, goggles, and other PPE, and the need for costly industrial vacuums and other dust cleanup equipment.



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