Finding an Alternative Water Heating Source in Screw Plug Heaters

March 03, 2016 - "Industry Insight"

In many industrial factories that produce and manufacture food products, medicine, and cleaning solutions, working with liquids is a very essential part of their operations. Working with liquids often entails heating, which requires the utilization of screw plug heaters. When an industrial process requires liquids to be heated at a concise and efficient manner, screw plug heaters are heating elements that are used to ensure this. These heaters are usually inserted into small to medium sized liquid tanks and are utilized to heat many products such as water, chemicals, and even gases. This is why screw plug heaters are a vital part of operations in many industrial factories. If you are running a factory looking to heat up liquids and you want to heat up your medium more efficiently, you may want to consider investing on these very efficient devices.

What is a screw plug heater?

Screw plug heaters, otherwise known as immersion heaters, usually come in 2 or 3 tubular heating elements that are placed inside a water tank to heat the water. These heating elements are usually composed of stainless steel alloy tubes that work perfectly as conductors for heat inside a water tank. The heat tubes are welded into a screw plug (NPT or BSP fitting) that is controlled by a power cable that is connected to the terminals of a plug. Immersion heater screw plugs require electric connection to work properly. Usually, immersion heaters have a wide range of temperature settings, which are ideal to heating liquids and gases. When these heating elements completely heat the products inside a tank to a desired temperature, they automatically cycle off or shut down.

Why do I need a screw plug heater?

If you are currently running an industrial factory that develops and manufactures products such as medicine and food, this usually entails the need for heat application on liquids, chemicals, and gases. Most of the time, these elements must be heated at the proper temperature to ensure that your products are developed properly. Many elements require different heating temperatures, which screw plug heaters efficiently provide.

Advantages of using screw plug heaters

  • Operates automatically. When you use screw plug heaters, they can be individually controlled to a setting of a specific temperature. Once you set this temperature, the screw plug heaters will heat your water until it has reached the ideal temperature. Once reached, the plugs automatically shut down.
  • Easy to use.  Screw plug heaters can have electric cords that you connect to wall sockets inside your factory. Once the heater has heated your water supply to the ideal temperature, you can simply shut down the control panel or thermostat that operates the heaters.
  • Multiple temperature settings. By having screw plug heaters inserted inside your factory water tanks, you can heat multiple areas of the water tank during a day of operations. With the exception of viscous fluids, screw plug heaters efficiently heat water, gas, and other chemicals. Best of all, the multiple heat settings ensure that all your raw materials are heated evenly and efficiently.

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