Precision Machining, Turning, Grinding & Thermal Spray Coating Provider Celebrates 35 Years of Service

September 12, 2016 - "Company News"

Plasma-Tec Is Celebrating Our 35th Anniversary in 2016

Plasma-Tec (, a precision machining, turning, grinding & thermal spray coating service provider, is celebrating our 35th anniversary in 2016. Plasma-Tec started off in a small facility in 1981 using thermal spraying technology to repair worn out machine and rotating equipment components. This work included shafts, sleeves and pump parts. The repair work quickly grew into opportunities to manufacture new OEM parts. Plasma-Tec's machining and thermal spray coating capabilities steadily grew throughout the 1980's. The growth was focused on building relationships with pump and other rotating equipment OEMs and was the catalyst for moving up the road a piece to a larger facility in the late 1980's. Between then and the late 1990's, Plasma-Tec's growth in servicing pump OEMs and other rotating equipment OEMs created the need to add onto the 2nd facility. In 1999, Plasma-Tec's ownership changed, ushering in another period of growth. Adding to its excellent reputation for quality, Team Plasma-Tec instituted a flow management system that has created an ongoing on-time delivery performance of over 99%. In the mid-2000's, Plasma-Tec entered a new market, which caused significant growth. By late 2014, a brand new, state-of-the-art, precision machining & thermal spray coating facility was constructed. Plasma-Tec moved into this plant in October, 2014. In May of 2016, Plasma-Tec achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification. Plasma-Tec's market focus is twofold. One area of expertise is in serving OEMs for machine tools, pumps, plastic pelletizing, beverage fillers and cappers, compressors and other rotating equipment. The other area is serving those who are having wear issues with a component(s). Our thermal spraying expertise gives our folks the capability to assist engineers, sourcing personnel and others in solving life cycle issues - such as abrasive wear, corrosion issues, erosive wear, etc. Our team members have decades of experience in working with food, oil & gas (& their byproducts), water, wastewater, fire suppression, asphalt spraying, smelting, reverse osmosis, machine component repair, aerospace, automotive, marine and other applications. Our service includes our innovative ASAP Service for emergency delivery situations. Our Replenishment Service (KanBan, JIT or Consignment are other ways this is known). We love SOQs (Small Order Quantities), orders of one (1) to ten (10) pieces make up a majority of the batches that flow through our facility. Our quality record of more than 99.4% coupled with our 99.6% on-time delivery indicates that our customers can count on their components being on-time and right the first time, every time! Plasma-Tec believes in its team members and its systems so much that we offer a Shipping Guarantee. If an order does not ship on time, you don't pay for the shipping, Plasma-Tec does. Plasma-Tec is unique & stands out from our competitors through our personal service (no voicemail during working hours) and our almost perfect on-time shipping and quality record. Check out our website for further technical information on thermal spray coatings, our machining, turning & grinding capabilities, as well as our innovative services - Or give our team a call @ 616.455.2593. Or drop us an email @:

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