Custom Control Systems Automate Water Treatment

November 04, 2019 - "Company News"

ROSS expands its controls portfolio to meet automation needs throughout not just the manufacturing industries but also in the utilities and waste management sector.
For decades, ROSS Systems & Controls have been used to safely and effectively manage specialty mixing equipment and ancillary processes both upstream and downstream. A recent project for a Canadian waste water treatment plant marks another instance of the diverse application of ROSS Control Systems, regardless of location or industry. Pictured are three (3) stainless steel washdown duty control panels designed for outdoor use to operate three (3) decanters and regulate the waste water process. Features include:
  • (1) 2HP Variable Frequency Drive for the decanter motor
  • (1) Line reactor
  • (1) Load filter
  • Motor circuit protection
  • Rugged NEMA 4X pushbutton controls
  • Internal heater with temperature control during winter months
  • Internal fan with temperature control for cooling during warmer months
  • Low voltage circuit breaker protection
  • E-stop circuit
ROSS Systems & Controls offer packages that range from simple on/off operator stations to sophisticated PLC based recipe systems, all designed to meet the specific needs of the end user.
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