Backer Hotwatt Creates a Resource for Engineers Who Require Precise Heat in Small Design Envelopes

July 06, 2022 - "Company News"

Offering the Most Versatile Product Line Available of Micro-Cartridge Heaters to Solve Difficult Engineering and Performance Challenges

July 5, 2022 (Danvers, MA)— Backer Hotwatt has been a trusted source of superior quality heating elements for for almost 70 years. As a manufacturing partner, its engineers work in step with customers to meet all performance, physical, and regulatory requirements to ensure a successful product launch and commercialization. It serves OEMs in the medical, opto-electronics, semiconductor, analytical equipment, packaging, aviation, transportation, refrigeration/air conditioning, and military fields. To better help people in diverse applications get the information that best suits their unique needs, Backer Hotwatt has created a resource page to help customers and prospects find the information they need regarding precise heat requirements in small spaces: namely, micro-cartridge heaters. 

Backer Hotwatt’s lineup of micro-cartridge heaters designed to help engineers solve difficult small-space design challenges is formatted in a convenient, one-page, comprehensive format on its website. The company’s Low-Watt, Superwatt, and SunRod heaters provide a range of solutions for applications that require a precise amount of heat within a small design envelope.

“The versatility of our micro-cartridge heaters is unprecedented,” says company president Jamie Holley. “As the spaces in which heaters are used get smaller and smaller, we recognize the need to provide precise heat in confined spaces. Our exceptional line of micro-cartridge heaters—including our propriety SunRod technology—meets that need, and more.”

To meet the varying application demands of the industries its serves, Backer Hotwatt offers three micro-cartridge heater options: Low-Watt, Superwatt, and SunRod. The Low-Watt and Superwatt heaters are easily customized—allowing for value-added features such as bushings and flanges—and SunRod provides for very high watt densities.

Micro-cartridge heaters are used for everything from semiconductor test sockets to medical devices and mass spectrometry to opto-electronics. As the need for miniaturization of instruments and equipment increases, the demand for durable smaller heaters with high output also increases.

Backer Hotwatt’s line of micro-cartridge heaters work well in tighter spaces while providing the necessary wattage. The company’s patented SunRod heaters are especially effective in very small design spaces where high wattage and sustained heat, with no cold spots, is required.

“What separates the SunRod from other heaters is its unique ability to provide continuous heat along the full length of the heater, including the tip,” says Holley. “The split-sheath design offers maximum heat transfer, uniform temperatures, and longer heater life, up to 5-10 years for mission-critical applications. Most importantly, it is the smallest heater available, with lengths starting at just .4 inches.”


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About Backer Hotwatt

Established in 1952, Backer Hotwatt is a leading manufacturer of resistance heating elements. Starting as a supplier of open coil heating elements to the appliance industry, the company has grown to become a major OEM supplier to the industrial, medical, commercial, packaging, instrumentation, aviation, transportation, and military industries.

Its extensive product line includes cartridge, air process, immersion, strip and finned strip, tubular and finned tubular, band, foil, flexible glasrope®, crankcase and ceramic heaters. Backer Hotwatt offers the largest product line available of micro-cartridge heaters—including the smallest heater on the market, SunRod—to help solve difficult engineering and performance challenges. 


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