Spindle Conveyor Oven Cures Photos on Ceramic Mugs

February 19, 2013 - "Capabilities "

September 7, 2012- Wisconsin Oven has manufactured and designed a spindle conveyor oven that is electrically heated horizontally. It is designed to cure photo transfers onto ceramic coffee mugs. This works by loading the mugs onto seven inch high spindles that are conveyed all the way through the oven to complete the curing process. The chamber on the oven is 4’0” wide x 15’0” long x 1’0” high with operation temperatures running at a solid 450? and maximum temperatures for the oven can reaching up to 500?. This oven is equipped with four emergency stop buttons and a proximity sensor with an alarm if the conveyor system unexpectedly stops moving.

High production rates must be reached for quick turnaround times to meet the demand of the customers. To achieve this, the conveyor system in the oven includes eight lanes of spindles placed on six inch centers. This allows for the production rate of 1,350 ceramic cups per hour to be completed with no damage being done to the product when the oven is preheated before use.

This heating system features incoloy sheathed heating elements, which makes a total of 192kW heat input with SCR power control. Recirculation also takes place within the machine with a 13,000 CFM @ 15 HP blower that provides top-down airflow with adjustable louvers that provide maximum air flow. The louvers allow air flow to happen within the entire length and width of the heating chamber. NEMA 12 control enclosure is UL labeled as well as certified. A Honeywell UDC2500 digital controller installed on the system makes for easy temperature control and readings.


”Spindle Conveyor Oven
”Spindle Conveyor Oven
For more information on this equipment or any other products that Wisconsin Oven offers, please contact our sales office at (262)642-3938 or by email at sales@wisoven.com or visit the Wisconsin Oven Website.



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