Hastest Solutions Designs, Assembles, and Installs Three-Story Wind Turbine Test Chamber at University of Maine’s Offshore Wind Laboratory

April 10, 2013 - "Capabilities "

San Jose, Califormia July 27, 2012—The three-story Environmental Wind Turbine Test Chamber, which was designed, constructed, and installed by Hastest Solutions, is a milestone for the company and for wind farms as well. The chamber is located at the University of Maine’s 37,000 square foot Offshore Wind Laboratory where the director of the University of Maine’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center, Dr. Habib Dagher is constructing North America’s first offshore deepwater wind farm. Testing wind turbines and wind turbine components in realistic environmental offshore conditions is a crucial factor in the success of the project. Dr Dagher says the three-story test chamber is unique in that “it will include mechanical servo-hydraulic actuators that allow mechanical fatigue testing simultaneously with environmental cycling.  This will provide the ability to test components of offshore structures, turbines, under more realistic environments." Providing renewable energy in the state of Maine by the year 2020 is the end-goal, and Dr. Dagher estimates that project will create up to 7,000 jobs and bring in 20 billion dollars in investments.

Hastest Solutions is excited to be a part of the process. The company’s CEO Sajjad Mir is quoted saying, “I am committed to the challenge of designing unique and customized environmental test chambers.  I am proud that the Hastest team has had the opportunity to participate in what we believe is historic in nature.  Dr. Habib’s work at AEWC to provide renewable energy through harnessing Maine’s wind energy is exciting. Hastest Solutions would like to think that we have assisted in aiding Dr. Habib’s efforts to achieving the mission of providing renewable energy here in the U.S.” 

Hastest Solutions is the leading designer and manufacturer of the well known and trusted Hastest products and environmental test chambers in San Jose/Silicon Valley. Known for their customizations and for design unique test chambers, the company has certainly made a name for itself and continues to seek innovation and improvement. For more information visit the Hastest website today.

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