RECOMA® Stab Temperature Compensated Rare Earth Magnets

March 03, 2020 - "Blog"

The reversible magnetization changes in standard SmCo magnets are already quite low, which makes SmCo the material of choice in measuring systems such as electronic balances. In cases where even lower temperature changes are required, the family of Recoma Stab materials are available. Our long experience in producing SmCo magnets allows us to reduce the reversible temperature coefficients to almost any desired value and in tight tolerances.


This reduction of the temperature changes can be done in SmCo5 – and Sm2Co17 type magnets. These changes of the reversible temperature coefficients are accompanied by a moderate reduction of the remanence BR. It is, in fact, not uncommon to choose a Recoma Stab material because a certain value of BR is needed, rather than the -400 -200 0 200 400 600 modified temperature coefficient.







Magnetic Properties
Arnold produces the Recoma Stab materials according to specific customer requirements, but some typical custom grades of isostatic pressed magnets are listed below.
Detailed Information
The definition of a low temperature coefficient material for a given application is often quite demanding and depends among other things on the involved peripheral materials and the magnetic load of the magnet. Therefore it is strongly recommended to contact our applications engineers, who can provide you with more detailed information and can assist you during the specification of the right Recoma Stab material.
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