Premier Products Offers Custom Roll-Forming, Metal Stamping, and Sheet Metal Fabrication

January 24, 2019 - "Blog"

Premier Products of Racine, Inc specializes in Custom Roll-Forming, Custom Metal Stamping, and Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication services. In the manufacturing process we are capable of working with aluminum, copper, titanium, and every kind of steel. For our Metal Stamping process, we have a 100-400-ton press that produces parts that are approximately 0.010 to 3/16 inches thick. Our 8 roll forming mills are capable of manufacturing products that range from 0.010 to 3/16 of an inch thick, and up to 12 inches wide. Premier Products of Racine, Inc Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication services include bending, forming, punching, rolling, and shearing.

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