How Many Related Product Headings are YOU Betting On?

November 11, 2020 - "Blog"

Old print technology was based on product categories that users had to search and try to figure out what the publisher thought was the most common terms to describe a specific industry. Google enpowered the buyer to be able to search any term and immediately find relevant results. This paradigm shift of giving the power to search to the user is being realized more and more by companies. In the past, indus 
tries were defined by several product categories, and now today, these same industries are defined thousands of ways. The strategy of finding today’s buyers is to make sure your company can be found on Google under these thousands of  
keywords that define your industry.
A search on ThomasNet® for  “extruded plastics”  has 417 product  headings found. Here  are the first 10: 
1. Plastics: Extruded 6. Tubing: Plastic, Extruded
2. Extrusions: Plastic 7. Edgings 
3. Plastic Fabricating: Extruded  8. Insulation: Plastic, Extruded
4. Profiles  9. Plastics: Extruded, UHMW
5. Rods  10. Rods Plastics: Tri-Extruded 



Each Industrial Quick Search site receives coverage on multiple keyword search phrases of rits industry in all major search engines.

Search Term ThomasNet® Industrial Quick Search®
blowers 125 product headings found
brushes 265 product headings found 
casters 108 product headings found 
fasteners 244 product headings found
gaskets 251 product headings found 
glass 435 product headings found
magnets 324 product headings found
mixers 162 product headings found
stampings  2700 product headings found
titanium 124 product headings found


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