10 interesting products from IEEE EMC 2016

September 23, 2016 - "Blog"

Arturo Mediano -September 19, 2016


Shielding materials from DEXMET

Shielding materials are often the solution for solving EMC problems. In the Dexmet booth, I spoke with Mark Graf, who explained that the Connecticut-based company manufactures precision expanded metals, foils, and polymers for EMI/EMC applications. The company specializes in technology to obtain exact mechanical and electrical properties to meet very tight conductivity, weight, and dimensional tolerances. The company has a unique strand annealing furnace as well as a host of other, highly specialized, proprietary equipment.

Let me comment here on the MicroGrid precision-expanded foils (Figure 10). They're used in batteries, electronics, aerospace, medical, packaging, and wherever mesh and perforated foils with high precision mechanical and electrical properties or EMI/ RFI shielding capabilities are required. The number of openings per square inch can vary from 25 to as many as 11,000, with an open area from 95% to as low as 10%.

DEXMET Samples

Figure 10 Samples from Dexmet shielding products.

You have options for using the expanded metal grid materials: aluminum, brass, copper, nickel, steel, stainless steel, and zinc. Having brought some samples to my lab, I expect to prepare interesting demos for my courses with those samples.


Shielding enclosures from Select Fabricators

Brian Smith, technical sales specialist at Select Fabricators, showed me some of the interesting products offered by this New York based company. Select Fabricators manufactures a full line of high performing RF/EMI shielding enclosures, pouches, and mobile forensics products. The company specializes in textiles, flexible materials, industrial sewing, sealing, and ultrasonic welding for EMI/EMC and RF shielding.

The enclosure in Figure 11 consists of a high-quality shielding material, including a well-designed input-output section for cables in one of the sides. You can see that in Figure 11.


DEXMET Shielding Enclosure

Figure 11 One of the shielding enclosures from Select Fabricators.

Of course, these products are just ten of the many I found in the exhibit hall. If you found something special this year, let us know.

Next year, the 2017 EMC Symposium will be in Washington DC. I will be there to look for new products.


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