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August 22, 2013 - "Applications "

Since 1954, portable steel buildings have been the core product here at Par-Kut International, which is why we are happy to announce the addition of several new products to our line of steel buildings. First, we are proud to announce the addition of our line of shelters; both for smokers and self pay parking machines.

Modular Buildings

These high quality welded steel pre fabricated custom structures are available in many different configurations. For example, we can include a custom paint scheme to match the environment at the site. We typically provide a 5 inch gap between the ground surface and the bottom of the wall partitions to allow easier cleaning of the interior. Our shelters also feature an air gap at the top of the structure between the wall partitions and custom made roof. This gap allows for the ready exchange of fresh air into the enclosed space. These two features combine to allow for a clean and fresh environment for any smoking structure in any location. These features, however, do not need to be included if they are not desired. Each structure is custom designed and built to fit your needs. Whether it is Siberia or the Sahara, there are options to keep you comfortable while you are in our smoking or waiting shelters.

Modular Buildings

To adapt to the age of modernization and computerization, we now also offer a solution for self pay parking lots. Our self pay parking machine covers can accommodate any needs you have. If you have a high end solar powered machine we even offer clear roofs allowing for the machines to maintain a charge while protecting the machine and your patrons from the potentially harsh exterior weather. These structures, like our smoking shelters, feature a gap between the ground and the bottom of the wall partition. This allows for easier cleaning as most types of debris are able to be quickly and simply swept out or are blown out by the wind. They can also be customized with many of the features you might normally associate with a larger model of Par-Kut such as a custom roofline or special types of windows. You can even have certain architectural details added to better add to the surrounding environment.

Modular Buildings

While we are talking about our new exciting product lines it may be easy to forget what Par-Kut is best known for. Our original steel structures can be outfitted as a guardhouse, parking booth, concessions stand or to suit any other applications you may have. When you need a portable steel building; think quality. Think Par-Kut.


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