Trimco Launches New 1185 Series Pulls

August 07, 2015 - "Press Releases"

LOS ANGELES, CA -- 07/30/15 -- Trimco, an industry leader in high-performing security and protection hardware for government, commercial and institutional buildings, today announced the launch of the 1185 Series Pulls. Trimco's 1185 Series Pulls are uniquely designed to make the world healthier, while being durable, flexible, and highly customizable. These pulls are offered with Healthy Hardware? copper alloy touch surfaces which are proven to kill bacteria and help prevent the spread of disease. The Healthy Hardware? finish is not a coating and cannot scratch or peel off.Trimco Hardware

The adjustable and interchangeable standoffs are installer friendly for doors that are not perfectly prepped, and the configurable end caps allow architects, designers and owners the flexibility to create a customized pull that compliments the opening.

"The new Healthy Hardware 1185 Series Pulls are a game changer. Period. Healthcare facilities have shied away from using bactericidal copper hardware, despite its documented advantages over anti-microbial coatings, due to prohibitive costs. The 1185 combines the bacteria-killing properties of copper with unique adjustability and attractive customization features, at a similar price tag to stainless steel," stated Anthony Mastroianni, Trimco Director of Sales.

Trimco Hardware is an industry leader in high-performing door security and protection hardware for government, commercial and institutional buildings. For over 65 years, Trimco has manufactured the broadest array of proprietary engineered functional trim products in the industry. Trimco is an independent and family-owned business headquartered in Los Angeles, California. For more information please visit



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