Stryker Chooses Wineman Technology for Medical Device Test Equipment and Software

May 28, 2013 - "Press Releases"

SAGINAW, Michigan – November 13, 2012 – As a leading design and test system integrator, Wineman Technology announced today that it will develop five life cycle and durability test systems for use in product development for Stryker Instruments. Stryker is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical technology.

“In our search for an engineering firm with the technical capacity needed to help us develop our next-generation testing platform, we wanted to work with a company that had extensive LabVIEW test system development expertise and a long list of proven applications,” said Michael Trumm, project engineer at Stryker. “The Wineman Technology team used their extensive knowledge and expertise to not only provide us with our latest life cycle and durability test systems, but they also designed a new LabVIEW communications software framework that will give us the ability to combine these latest systems with future automated test equipment using Ethernet. Wineman Technology was able to take our test concepts to the next level in terms of both capability and capacity to make our existing test investments even more valuable.”

‘Totally Reconfigurable Universal System Tester’ for Life Cycle and Durability Testing

In September 2012, Wineman developed and built the first ‘Totally Reconfigurable Universal System Tester’ platform and delivered it to Stryker with four more to be delivered by the end of the year. This second-generation generic test platform will be used in lift cycle and durability tests for product development and research. It provides generic data acquisition of sensors and pneumatic and electro-mechanical control using scripts. This system is ideal for medical device development testing as it adapts to the iterative changes associated with product design and development, has a high channel count, the ability to easily modify a test sequence using scripting.

‘Test Regulation Over Networks’ Software Framework for Test Platform Integration

‘Test Regulation Over Networks’ was built on LabVIEW. It is a software communications framework developed by Wineman Technology for Stryker’s Instruments Division Test Lab that uses Ethernet to decouple specific hardware control and data acquisition functions from the user-interface in test systems. This framework makes for effortless communication between any LabVIEW controlled and monitored equipment in the test lab. The decoupling approach provides a more scalable, modular, distributed, and flexible software framework which results in less time and effort required to develop specific test solutions.

“Wineman Technology is honored to have been chosen by Stryker to develop their next-generation test platform and communications framework,” said Jim Wineman, CEO of Wineman Technology. “We’re thrilled to be turning their concepts of each into reality.”

For more information, please visit the Wineman Technology website.

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