SPS Technologies Switches to Solaronics Infrared Heaters

January 30, 2013 - "Press Releases"

Increasing energy efficiency with Solaronics- December, 21st, 2012- SPS Technologies

has reduced their carbon footprint and reduced heating expenses by over $180,000 per

year by switching to Solaronics infrared heaters.


These heaters use electric-based infrared heating, and saves thousands of dollars over

other heating sources, in part thanks to the rising costs of natural gas and other fuel types.

Infrared heating is more efficient than other forms of heating, which also helps cut down

on energy waste inside each SPS Technologies factory.


The company examined several different heating systems, but chose infrared in the end

because of the cost savings, ease of instillation, and economical price. Infrared heating

systems can also be placed out of the way of regular floor production work, benefiting the

company on multiple levels.

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