Plate Mount Mixer

August 13, 2015 - "Press Releases"

The plate mount mixer is a convenient and economically priced top entry mixer. Convenience can be found in its ability to be easily attached to a tank top with 2 C-channels. The plate mount mixer is designed with a metal plate that is most commonly found in a 12 X 12 or 16 X 16 size. However, it can also be customized to a specific plate size as well. This mixer is designed for heavy duty mixing. Other added benefits center upon its variety of customization options. This includes impellers, shafts, motors, gear ratios, seal packages, and horsepower. The plate mount mixer can be utilized in a wide selection of industries including food, brewing, distilleries and many more.


Mixer Direct Mount

The mount on a plate mount mixer is a square shaped plate and is constructed from 316 stainless steel. The mount is durable with the purpose of use for heavy duty applications and comes with an extra flange mounted support bearing and is an all welded construction.

Motor, Horsepower, and RPMs

Mixer Direct Motor, Horsepower, and RPMs

The motor options for the plate mount mixer can be purchased with an electric direct drive, air direct drive, and explosion proof direct drive. The horsepower on the plate mount mixer can vary from 1/3 HP to 4 HP. RPMs can range from 350-3000. Selecting the right motor, amount of horsepower, and RPMs can vary depending on your application and the viscosity of the materials in the mix. If you are unfamiliar with this terminology or are unaware of what motor, horsepower or RPMs to select for your plate mount mixer, we can help. We have an incredibly helpful sales team that is here to assist you in this matter. They can be contacted via online chat, phone, or by submitting a contact form.

Speed Controller (VFD)

Mixer Direct Speed Controller

A speed controller or a variable frequency drive (VFD) is a valuable addition to the plate mount mixer. Overall, the VFD allows control over your mixing process. A VFD allows for versatile ranges of speed versus one immediate speed level. This is helpful because different mixing processes require differing speeds. When mixing, a VFD is beneficial for your plate mount mixer to have the ability to gradually increase speed if necessary. A VFD also adds the element of accuracy to your mixing process through a digital readout of the exact speed of the mixer.

Shaft Diameter

Mixer Direct Shaft Diameter

The shaft diameter and length can be customized for your plate mount mixer. All of our shafts are constructed from low carbon 316 and machined with precision for liquid mixing. They are machine ground and polished to -.001/.003. Our shafts can also be welded to our wide selection of impellers. A shaft welded impeller is the perfect fit for sanitary mixing due to its corrosion resistance and easy clean-ability.

Impeller Type & Number

Mixer Direct Impeller Type & Number

Choosing an impeller for an industrial mixer can be challenging. At Mixer Direct, our aim is to quickly size your blade with the utmost concern for accuracy. Nearly every impeller we carry can also be sized over the phone. Impeller type and size will vary on whether your mixing process is low shear, medium shear, or high shear. Some mixing processes also require multiple impellers. This is another customization option to consider when purchasing a plate mount mixer. In addition, we have also recently released a proprietary software to allow our sales engineers to speedily provide our customers with the right solution for their application.



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