Michael Golda Promoted at Froude Inc./Ltd.

April 04, 2018 - "Press Releases"

NOVI,  MI, April 2, 2018 -- Michael Golda has been promoted to the Executive Director of Froude, Inc. and Froude, Ltd. effective immediately. Mr. Golda joined Froude two years ago as the Director of Engineering and his influence and leadership have proven invaluable to the company.
During his tenure as the Director of Engineering, Mike was instrumental in bringing Froude and Go Power testing equipment to the next level. He not only oversaw the implementation of new methods of manufacturing, but also the design enhancements that elevated the durability and capability of our electronic and mechanical products.
Michael’s background includes over 25 years of experience in dynamometer technology. Prior to Froude, he was the Global Development Lab Operations Manager with GE Transportation in Erie, PA. He has an extensive background in test facility engineering and design– working for several years as the Lab Operations Manager at AVL Powertrain Engineering and prior to that as the Operations Manager at Watson Engineering/Johnson Matthey Testing.
“We are confident Mike’s talent and leadership will continue to make significant contributions to our global company as we move forward in technology and innovation,” says President Andy Sadlon. 
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