Lexco Cable Aims to Delight Customers by Supplying Value Added Wire Rope Related Products.

December 20, 2016 - "Press Releases"

Lexco Cable Manufacturing Capabilities


Lexco Cable Manufacturing Capabilities

Lexco Cable is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of custom wire rope and bungee cord assemblies, specializing in small and medium sized custom orders with quick turnaround times. We can fabricate assemblies with end fittings of any variety, shape, or size — the only limits are your requirements.

At Lexco Cable, being available to our customers is our top priority, and we understand that your needs are multifaceted. We work collaboratively with our customers in order to ensure they receive the utmost success from their projects.


What We Do:

The parts we use: 
Wire Rope
Wire Rope Fittings
Wire Rope Hardware
Coiled Wire Rope
Bungee Cord
Fiber Rope
Threaded Rod
Value added wire rope cut to length: 
Pieces Kits
Examples of assemblies we make with them:
Tie Downs
Cable Railings
Push-Pull Controls
Slings Remote Actuators
Key Chains
Security Cables 
Pull Cables
Safety Mechanisms 
Tow Cables
Distributor of:
Wire Rope
Coated Wire Rope
Wire Rope Fittings
Wire Rope Hardware
Bungee Cord
Lexco Cable Manufacturing Capabilities

Leveraging our experience and in-house capabilities, Lexco can manufacture a wide variety of mechanical parts and assemblies.


Lexco Cable Manufacturing Capabilities

Customer Focused: 

Our expansive website provides customers with a broad range of information, a resourceful database and an extensive gallery. By offering such a wealth of information, our customers are able to better understand what we can offer them and the capabilities of our customized assemblies.

Additionally, we are happy to provide customers with products that complement their wire rope assembly needs. If a customer is in need of a wire rope assembly that calls for a fastener, we’re capable of providing them with both the assembly and the fastener they require. With Lexco, we strive to ensure our customers’ needs are being met in a comprehensive, efficient manner.


Who We Serve:


Easy order placement via:    Scheduled Releases    EDI Communication

Improved Logistics    Consolidated shipments to reduce      shipping costs   Emailed tracking information

Easy order confirmation via:    PO Acknowledgments    Open Status PO Reports

Helpful Inventory Management   JIT Delivery   Kanban Fulfilment   Drop Shipping   Special Packaging    SKU Reduction


ENGINEERS & ARCHITECTS Reverse Engineering Design Support Prototyping


AFTERMARKET END USERS Replacement cables to get your equipment running again

Lexco Cable Manufacturing Capabilities
Lexco Cable Manufacturing Capabilities

At Lexco Cable, convenience and expediency are essential. When a customer requests a professional quote, we can offer it to them within 24 hours.  


Why Lexco Does It Better

Easy to work with from prototyping through production

Low minimum order

Fast turnaround time

Order expedite options

Design support

In-house extrusion

In-house CNC

In-house die casting

ISO 9001 certified


Lexco Cable Manufacturing Capabilities

In the 1970s, Lexco Cable founder Harold Karbin developed extrusion and swaging processes, establishing Lexco as a premier wire rope and bungee cord assembly manufacturer. Today, we maintain that reputation with sophisticated CNC and quality assurance departments, ensuring that completed assemblies are consistently of the highest quality and meet the customer’s specifications.

Even though Lexco has grown in size since our founding over 30 years ago, our approachability and personal attention to clients has remained at an exemplary level. We work directly with our customers to ensure that we fully understand your concerns and needs. When you contact Lexco, you’ll be met with a live customer service representative each and every time. Contact us today to find out how our team of experts can assist your next project.  

Lexco Cable Manufacturing Capabilities
Lexco Cable Manufacturing Capabilities
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