Granutech Offers New Rubber Recycling Mill Design

February 26, 2016 - "Press Releases"

New tire mill designed to produce finer powder and increased production.

New Rubber Recycling Design
Grand Prairie, Texas-based Granutech-Saturn Systems has launched what it calls a revolutionary new design for a refiner mill for scrap rubber, featuring sealed roller bearings for greater tolerances in processing material down to 80 mesh.
The company says its new G4X offers a “first-to-market ‘grease-free’ sealed roller bearing design” that contains a “revolutionary design that runs cooler and more efficiently, and eliminates grease pump and lubricant expenses.”
The G4X is a next-generation product to Granutech’s G4 mill but features “a completely unique sealed roller bearing design that provides significant benefits over the industry’s traditional bushing design mills,” according to the company.
“Reduced bearing temperature means this design runs cooler and more efficiently than traditional bushing design competitive mills, resulting in less energy used for external cooling,” says Mike Hinsey, Granutech-Saturn Systems vice president.
“The ‘sealed’ bearing design eliminates the need for continuous lubricant, resulting in significant operational and consumables savings,” he adds. Hinsey also says one of Granutech’s tire recycling clients, State Rubber & Environmental Solutions of Denver City, Texas, was a key contributor in the development of the specs for the new product.
“Granutech-Saturn clearly paid attention to our inputs and created a next-generation design that met all the requirements,” says Jerry Woosley, president of State Rubber. “We are thrilled with the new G4X mill. The savings in lubricant alone averages $25,000 a month, and we also noticed a more consistent and cleaner output of crumb rubber granulate, due to the tighter tolerances achieved by the new rolls.”
According to Granutech, the new design enables the G4X mill to hold the rolls at much closer tolerances (up to 400 percent closer than traditional bushing designs), which translates to finer cleaner usable powder and fewer processing cycles. That in turn translates to higher production. Reduced roll clearances in the roller bearing design can provide an increase in processing capacity as well, translating to a throughput of asphalt-quality crumb rubber of three tons per hour--up to 25 percent higher than many other mills on the market, says Granutech.
The Saturn G4X mill is ideal for efficient production of fine granulate powder for applications such as rubberized asphalt and molded product or filler materials, according to Granutech.
Granutech-Saturn Systems Corporation offers a line of equipment products that includes Saturn shredders and hammermills, Saturn grinders and granulators, Saturn refiner mills and powderizers and MAC flat-lid auto crushers, high-density balers and loggers.
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