FlexLink Nordic Customer Days – a Solid Success

December 16, 2016 - "Press Releases"

FlexLink Nordic Customer Days 2016

Companies from the Scandinavian countries took the opportunity to visit FlexLink’s premises in Gothenburg, to see factory automation products and solutions in action.

More than 90 visitors, from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden visited FlexLink at the open days on November 23-24th. The feedback was strong, and Fredrik Boberg, General Manager at FlexLink’s sales unit for the Nordic countries was particularly positive about the feedback. “Our customers don’t always know that we are offering such a wide range of services. For us, this is a great opportunity to show all products and integrated different solutions for specific needs.” 

During the two days, the guests visited eight different stations where specialists presented and discussed specific products, solutions and services. Among the products displayed were the new standardized palletizing cell, safety engineering solutions plus a wide range of engineering tools for design and simulation. The visitors also got the opportunity to take a close look at the solutions for hygienic, pharmaceutical and automotive production flows, including FlexLink’s tool for production monitoring and OEE metrics. 

FlexLink Nordic Customer Days 2016

“Every industry had its own station and we made personalized presentations for several of them, for instance on food industry and hygienic solutions”, Fredrik Boberg adds. “Our partners found the engineering tools particularly interesting.”

The feedback from guests exceeded expectations so for the next time, the event will develop even further. “Next time, we will invite even more people and increase the number of participating FlexLink employees. We want to show everyone, customers and future employees, that our company is a vibrant and fun place to work at”, Fredrik Boberg says. “We are already looking forward to next year’s event”.


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