Denver International Airport Parking Garage

October 23, 2014 - "Press Releases"

Location: Denver, Colorado
Project Owner: Denver International Airport
General Contractor: Hensel Phelps Construction Company
Material: ALP-15 (ADA Aluminum Plank) with SlipNot®

In early 2010, the Denver International Airport decided to do some overdue renovations to the parking garage stairs on the exterior of the premises. The steel and concrete filled pan stair design had only been there a few years but the Colorado winters took its toll on the structure. Due to poor drainage and a constant pooling of melting snow and rock salt, the concrete and steel began to deteriorate at a fairly rapid pace.

As a result bar grating was chosen to replace the existing system which would allow snow and rain to pass through eliminating the “pooling” of rain water and melting snow. Originally, close mesh welded carbon steel (7W4) was specified for the stairs and landings in between floors. Ohio Gratings first quoted close mesh swaged carbon steel grating (7SGCS4) but decided to offer an alternative due to the rising cost of steel and the close mesh design. Rick Smith, one of our inside sales team members offered a value engineered solution of our diagonal punched aluminum plank (ALP 15, 1-1/2” and 2” deep) with a SlipNot® slip resistant surface. The option got the owners attention and as a result samples were produced and submitted for approval. With the customer’s approval the order was entered into production saving them over $150,000. The product also met and exceeded all ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Requirements. The slip resistant surface was added as an extra to enhance the safety of the product.

With a punch pattern of slightly less than 1/4”, the plank included 15% open area for water drainage. The open area also allowed for the passage of light to brighten up the stairs below and met the most stringent ADA requirements. This new system will greatly increase the life cycle of the stairwells, as water and other moisture will no longer collect or pool in the landing areas. Slip hazards have also been eliminated as a result of this improvement.

OGI provided over 2400 stair treads and over 10,700 sq. ft. of the aluminum plank for the landings/platforms. This also included integrated closed risers and all hardware necessary for installation.


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