TPC Wire & Cable Introduces Trex-Onics® Sootblower Cable

May 01, 2015 - "New Product Release"

Trex-Onics® Sootblower Cable Provides Customers a Lightweight, Retractable Sootblower Cable with Superior Abrasion, Heat and Moisture-Resistance

TPC Wire & Cable Corp., a leading supplier of wire, cable, connectors and assemblies is pleased to introduce a new lightweight sootblower cable that is designed to survive the harsh industrial environments where boilers and furnaces are found. Trex-Onics® Sootblower Cable is uniquely designed to be abrasion, heat and moisture-resistant.

Trex-Onics® Sootblower cable has ideal properties for the long, retractable sootblower application. Since it is designed from a lighter, durable material, the cable creates a smaller, tighter coil allowing for a more compact design. The long-term coil retention design eliminates the need to align the coils, resulting in less downtime.

Sootblower Cable

“The new Trex-Onics® Sootblower Cable will work very well for customers who are looking for a compatible, lightweight retractable sootblower cable with superior abrasion, heat and moisture resistance,” said Paul Barras, Product Manager at TPC. "Our value proposition across our full product line holds just as true for our new sootblower cable. We maximize productivity through minimizing equipment downtime due to repair or replacement of electrical cable." Trex-Onics® Sootblower Cable can benefit a variety of markets including food and beverage, wood, pulp and paper, utilities, and steel.

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TPC Wire & Cable Corp. is a leading supplier of wire, cable and connectors used in harsh industrial environments. TPC Wire & Cable’s products are designed and engineered to withstand harsh conditions including abrasion, chemicals, constant flexing and extreme temperatures. TPC serves a variety of markets including the steel, utility, mining, automotive, food and beverage, government, oil and gas, transportation and wood, pulp and paper markets. The company’s long-lasting, dependable wire and cable products solve the most difficult application problems in the harshest environments resulting in lower overall costs and increased production time. TPC products outperform and outlast ordinary cable 10:1. For more information about TPC Wire & Cable products, visit

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