DieQua Corporation Launches PHCH Inline Planetary Reducer

August 22, 2023 - "New Product Release"

DieQua Corporation Launches: The PHCH Inline Planetary Reducer, designed specifically  for demanding Packaging Machinery Applications. Featuring superior Over-Hung-Load  (OHL) capacities to address demanding Radial and Axial Loading requirements found in  VFFS, HFFS, Pouching, Filling, Case Erecting and Cartoning Machinery. 

Motion Control 

DieQua Corporation, 180 Covington Drive, Bloomingdale  Illinois 60108, a manufacturer of  solution  based  Mechanical Integration  Solutions and  Components  such  as  Motion  Control Reducers,  Power  Transmission Solutions, Screw  Jack  Systems  and  Mechanical  Integration  Solutions - is pleased to announce the release of our PHCH-Planetary Reducers Designed for  Packaging Machinery Applications. 

DieQua Planetary Reducers


In Summary, DieQua’s new PHCH Planetary Reducers are: 

• Backlash as low as ≤3 arcmin 

• High efficiency ≥97% 

• Low operating noise ≤58 dB(A) 

• Inline housing configuration 

• Available in four sizes, 70, 90, 120 and 155 

• One-piece solid shaft and planet-carrier 

• 8 Single Stage Ratios (3:1 ~ 10:1), and 13 Double Stage Ratios 15:1 through 100:1 • Torque Capacity through 600 Nm 

• Caged Planet Gear Carrier 

• Radial Capacities to 11380 N 

• Axial Capacities to 8830 N 

• Environmental protection IP65

About DieQua Corporation: 

DieQua Corporation is a mechanical solution provider that designs, creates, sells and services  a broad range of mechanics for automation. Established in 1980, with a single product line,  we  have  since  grown  into  a  unique  organization  offering  not  only  the  greatest  variety  of  gearboxes,  speed  reducers,  and  connecting  components,  but  also  the  expertise  and  experience  to  help  select  and  specify  the  appropriate  technology  for  each  individual  application. It’s through our consultative approach that we are most helpful to our customers  in finding and identifying the best designed solutions. 




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