Argonics introduces the OTR Sidewall Protector

May 06, 2019 - "New Product Release"

Our OTR Sidewall Protector is the result of more than a year of testing and many revisions to get the perfect product. Having been extensively tested in extremely harsh conditions, we know that the OTR Sidewall Protector will dramatically reduce the chances of tire sidewall punctures.
The OTR Sidewall Protector is available now for tire size 29.5R25, with more sizes coming soon.
For more information about the OTR Sidewall Protector, see the article in this month’s issue of Rock Products.
"When the sidewall is damaged, typically by a puncture, the vehicle is not safe to operate. Because of the scale of the trucks, the tires are specially designed and are very expensive to replace. Take the Caterpillar 797 haul truck, for example. This truck has six tires worth upwards of $300,000."
"Repairing a damaged sidewall takes valuable time to send a tire out for repair and the repair might not be successful. A mining operator faces a sidelined heavy equipment truck and an expensive tire replacement."
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