Volkmann PPC Vacuum Conveyors Eliminate Manual Handling of API's

January 13, 2022 - "Industry Insight"

Sealed Pneumatic Vacuum Conveying System Safeguards Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients from Contamination


Volkmann PPC Vacuum Conveyors Eliminate Manual Handling of API's


Bristol, PA: The PPC pneumatic vacuum conveying system from process equipment manufacturer Volkmann USA, Bristol, PA automatically transfers active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and/or highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPI) within a sealed, enclosed system to prevent contamination, promote product purity, and support finished drug product efficacy. Featuring a proprietary design with minimal connections and a polished interior, the pharmaceutical vacuum conveyor safeguards the powders from exposure to the plant environment while also preventing potentially harmful, hazardous dust and fumes from escaping into the workplace. 


Often specified to convey API's, HPAPI'S, and excipients to and from sifters, mixers, granulators, tablet presses, and other equipment, the dense phase conveying system eliminates the need for manual handling and emptying of bags and sacks, along with the concern for combustible dust, ergonomics, and other worker safety issues. The Volkmann PPC vacuum conveyor is cGMP-compliant, ATEX-certified as explosion-proof by design, and suitable for installation in containment isolators.


The PPC vacuum conveyor is custom-engineered based on the ingredients to be transferred and other installation requirements. Testing on a fully operating conveying system is offered in the company's Bristol, PA test facility.


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