ITT Control Technologies Business Offers Broad Array of Tools

February 12, 2013 - "Capabilities "

As one of the leading manufacturers in precision motion control products and energy absorption, ITT Corporation’s Control Technologies business has made a recent addition to the online tools that are offered for its Enidine and Turn-Act brands. The addition includes an online configurator for the Compact Automation brand by streamlining the ordering process which reduces the turnaround time for a customer to receive the product.

This tool further enhances the customer experience by allowing customers to specify any design features for their customized product. With that, customers receive a specification sheet that includes the details of an order including the price, delivery time, and base model dimensions. Customers can also download and view a CAD model showing the complete actuator with all selected options.

"The configurator is an important tool for customers to construct the products they need through a highly intuitive selection process, and it is a clear differentiator for ITT in the pneumatic actuator market as it offers a superior customer experience and faster turnaround times," said Bob Lofink, product group manager for ITT's Compact Automation Products brand.

Control Technologies President Munish Nanda said, "ITT is a leader in providing products and solutions for customers in key end markets, including energy, transportation and industrial, and these technologies are recognized for their quality, reliability and overall value. With this new tool, we are adding additional capabilities that will continue to enhance our ability to serve customers."

For more information please visit the ITT Website.

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