Industrial Oven Modification & Refurbishing

May 01, 2020 - "Capabilities "

LEWCO, Inc. is equipped to handle a wide range of rebuild, retrofit, or modification work for all industrial ovens manufactured by LEWCO, Inc. Our oven team can perform the work on site, or at LEWCO’s plant in Sandusky, OH, if equipment is shipped back to us. Whether you need oven replacement parts or a reconditioning of oven components, our responsibility as an industrial oven manufacturer is to communicate the most cost-effective solutions.
Rebuilding or refurbishing an oven includes using the latest design standards. We can recondition your oven by cleaning, inspecting, and replacing severely worn or broken components, controls, and parts. Serviceable oven parts are repaired and refurbished as needed and reused if within the manufacturer’s acceptable wear limits. Our goal for oven rebuilds is to overhaul your industrial oven so it functions as good as it did when new.
When retrofitting an oven, the restoration process includes transforming and upgrading oven components in the customer’s existing system to modernize and create an oven that meets the requirements of a new process or standard. We can retrofit your industrial oven for anything, from focusing on just one area of the oven or modernizing the entire oven system.
In addition to oven rebuilds and retrofits, LEWCO offers preventative maintenance to help improve your operation and maximize the life of your oven. Contact our oven team today for more information!
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