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July 21, 2015 - "Blog"

Large Mixers

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Let’s talk about Mixer Direct’s line of Large Mixers. It’s no secret. They are large and in charge. We’re talking about mixing 100 – 50,000+ gallons worth of product. These large capacity industrial mixers are designed with the intent to be mounted in tanks to handle massive amounts of product. This line of industrial mixers includes options such as an ANSI flange mount mixers, plate mount mixers, top-entry mixers, and side-entry mixers.

Customizing Large Mixers

Customization options for large mixers are multifaceted. This can include types of mixer attachments, motors, impellers, shearing options, and just about any conceivable configuration. Choosing customization for large mixers can also be made easy by speaking with our expert engineering staff.

Flange Mount Mixer

Flange Mount Mixer

The flange mount mixer line is designed to attach to a 2.5”-150# ANSI flange. This is an ideal choice for heavy-duty applications that can utilize an existing connection on atank or vessel. Our flange mount mixers are powder coated and include an additional mounted support bearing to ensure durability. Customization options for the flange mount mixer can include gear ratios, impellers, shafts, seals, washdown gearboxes, and severe duty coatings for chemical processes.

Plate Mount Mixer

Plate Mount Mixer

The plate mount mixer is a great economical choice that easily mounts to most surfaces. This large mixer also offers convenience. Its design allows for easy attachment to the C-channels on a tank. The plate on this mixer is typically 12 X 12 or 16 X 16 in size, but can also be customized to other sizes. This Mixer Direct mixer is also designed for heavy duty mixing. Customization options include impellers, shafts, motors, gear ratios, seal packages, horsepower, washdown gearboxes, and severe duty coatings for chemical processes.

Top Entry Mixer

Top Entry Mixer

Mixer Direct’s top entry mixers are designed to handle applications of the largest proportions. This mixer is engineered to bolt to the top of a tank or frame. To ensure durability in the consistent mixing of high viscosity fluids, the top entry mixer is equipped standard with a 5:1 gear ration for worm gear reduction and torque for larger mixing applications. You can expect your top entry mixer to come equipped with a 1HP electric motor, a 14” high-efficiency impeller, and a 1″ diameter shaft 37.5″ long. However, it can also be customized for varying shaft lengths, a range of horsepower options multiple gear ratios, washdown gearboxes, severe duty coatings for chemical processes, and an array of impeller options for every conceivable mixing need.

Side Entry Mixers

Side Entry Mixer

Mixer Direct’s side entry mixers are made for mixing on the large-scale. Mounting our side-entry mixer is simple. This mixer line adapts to nearly any flange size from 2″ to 24″-150#. Some features of the Mixer Direct side entry mixer include helical bevel gearing with transmission efficiency in the 97-99% realm. Customization options include impellers, shafts, motors, gear ratios, seal packages, horsepower, washdown gearboxes, and severe duty coatings for chemical processes.










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