Keyword Coverage or Product Categories? The Google Paradigm

November 12, 2020 - "Blog"






Print technology is based on product categories that users have to search to try to figure out what the publisher thinks are the most common terms to describe a specific industry. The company then has to decide how much to spend on each product category.

Google-empowered Web technology, on the other hand, enables the buyer to search any term and immediately find relevant results. It allows one web page to be found for thousands of different related keywords searches. This paradigm shift of giving the power of search to the user is being realized more and more by companies. In the past, industries were defined by several product categories. Today, these same industries are defined in thousands of ways.

The strategy of finding today’s buyers is to make sure your company can be found on Google under these thousands of keywords that define your industry. Are you playing Roulette with your advertising dollars?


Google Technology in Action 

Search Term ThomasNet® Industrial Quick Search®
blowers 127 product headings 6,982 keywords
brushes  270 product headings 12,006 keywords
casters 106 product headings  3,665 keywords
fasteners 252 product headings 5,270 keywords
gaskets 256 product headings 3,510 keywords
glass 442 product headings 8,887 keywords
magnets 324 product headings 3,976 keywords
mixers  169 product headings 9,730 keywords
stampings 266 product headings 5,661 keywords
titanium  137 product headings 4,897 keywords
parts washers 243 product headings  
chillers 45 product headings  


Which Product Categories Would Your Potential Buyer Choose?

A search on ThomasNet® for “extruded plastics” has 417 product headings found (here are the first 10). The company then has to decide which ones to buy.

1. Plastics: Extruded 6. Tubing: Plastic, Extruded
2. Extrusions: Plastic 7. Edgings
3. Plastic Fabricating: Extruded 8. Insulation: Plastic, Extruded
4. Profiles 9. Plastics: Extruded, UHMW
5. Rods 10. Plastics: Tri-Extruded


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