Cable Railing for Mixed-Use Residential Building

January 04, 2017 - "Applications "

Lexco Cable Railing Installed in Mixed-Use Residential Building

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We recently collaborated with Seattle-based building technology company Sustainable Living Innovations on a high-profile project involving cable railing of various lengths that not only needed to meet rigorous environmental and safety standards, but also needed to be visually appealing.

Lexco Cable Railing Installed in Mixed-Use Residential Building

Background: Cable Railing for Mixed-Use Residential Building

Established in 2008, SLI has developed a patented system that delivers custom buildings from a kit of prefabricated component parts, teaming with developers and general contractors. Utilities, parking garages, foundations, etc. are constructed conventionally, while structural steel and other building components are prefabricated off-site and transported to the job site for installation and connection. This integrated approach results in superior quality, high-performance buildings.

The Challenge

The SLI team had developed a clean, elegant, and minimalist staircase and balcony design for a new mixed-use residential building in Seattle's University District. However, the cable railings needed to run at very specific angles to mirror the precise slope of the exterior stair, making the angles difficult to maintain. The railings also had to meet specific building code requirements.

The product’s shipping requirements came with their own challenges — the cables needed to be precisely packaged and individually labeled so that the level and location for installation could be easily identified. And, of course, all processes needed to be in line with SLI’s commitment to sustainability.

Lexco Cable Railing Installed in Mixed-Use Residential Building

The Solution

Lexco’s team was able to fabricate high-quality cable railings to meet all required safety and environmental standards. Most importantly, we specified a beveled washer for the cable railings, which allowed them to run at the proper angles to perfectly mirror the staircase slope, creating an elegant aesthetic without sacrificing function.

Our team also developed a labeling system for the cables, allowing for simple and straightforward installation. 

Project Snapshot

Project Name & Description

3/16 1x19 SS T316 SS Cable assembly with Invisiware receivers


Seattle, WA

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Cutting, swaging, assembly

Machining & Equipment Used

Cutter, machine swager

Overall Part Dimensions & Volume

3/16 diameter, 1x19 architectural cable railing; 10,000 linear feet

Delivery/Turnaround Time

6 weeks


Architectural/Construction — Mixed-use residential apartment building

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